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Dental technologies

What technologies can help make a good diagnosis?

These technologies do not replace traditional methods such as visual examination and explorer, but they provide more accurate diagnostics.

Intraoral camera

This small, pen-sized digital camera can be easily inserted inside the mouth to capture high-quality images. It makes it possible to visualize the more difficult places of access and to observe all the structures of the mouth. Images can be projected on a screen accessible to the patient. It is a tool that allows us to observe the evolution, improvement, or progression of your oral problems.

Digital radiography

Digital radiography can effectively assess the oral situation with high-quality images. Perfectly safe because the patient receives only a negligible dose of X-rays, it is virtually safe. Images projected on-screen are clear, precise and accessible instantly. Reading and analysis are facilitated by image management computer software that manipulates the image: enlarge, measure and contrast.

The VELscope

The VELscope is a device that can detect lesions in the mouth. By locating tissues that have abnormal textures, it allows the early diagnosis of benign or malignant lesions or tumors, such as oral cancer. The exam is fast and does not cause much discomfort.