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Dental growth

Primary teeth

It is around 6 – 7 months that the first primary teeth appear. The first dentition has 20 teeth that will usually be pushed to around 2 – 3 years of age. The first baby teeth begin to fall around 5 to 6 years old to make room for adult teeth.

Permanent teeth

The first permanent teeth appear around 6 – 7 years old. They gradually take the place of primary teeth until the adult dentition is partially completed around 12-13 years. The wisdom teeth grow later, early in adulthood. The definitive dentition has 32 teeth.

Dental sealant

The molars have furrows that are conducive to food accumulation and the proliferation of decay-causing bacteria. To protect these vulnerable permanent teeth, it is recommended to apply a sealant. This white composite resin is applied inside the grooves and forms a protective shield against decay. This painless preventative measure can be used safely in children.

It should be understood that these sealants protect only one surface of the tooth and that it is the brushing and flossing that give the best protection for other surfaces.