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Food for healthy teeth

Saliva naturally contains bacteria. In contact with the latter, the sugar contained in the drinks and food that we ingest turns into acid. It is this acid that is ultimately responsible for the breakdown of enamel and possibly the spread of dental caries.

All types of sugars are damaging to teeth, whether refined or natural. Unfortunately, many beverages and nutritious foods contain both. For example, milk, fruit juice and most starchy foods (crackers, teething cookies, etc.) all break down into sugar. If these foods stay in our mouth long enough, they turn into acid. Of course, you can not ban healthy foods from your child’s diet because they contain vitamins and nutrients that are essential for their proper development.

In short, to limit the ravages of sugar, your role is to stay on top of what your child consumes and to control the frequency with which he brushes his teeth. To do this, take the time to review the ingredient list for each product before adding it to your grocery cart. Foods that contain a sweetener made from corn, corn or maple syrup, honey, molasses, fructose, glucose or dextrose should be consumed in moderation. Also, be aware that some liquid medications contain sugar.

As kids love snacks, focus on water for any other drink. In addition, nuts, cheese or raw vegetables are very interesting snack foods, both for oral health and for the overall health of your child. Juices, soft drinks, and sweets should only be consumed occasionally. If you can not brush your teeth after eating a snack, give your child a glass of water. The water will “rinse” the mouth while waiting for proper brushing.