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Dr Nabil Dabar

Dr Nabil Dabar

Dentist owner

It was in 1982 that Dr. Dabar graduated in Dental Medicine. Subsequently, he continued his postgraduate studies at the University of Paris VI and VII. This is where he obtained his academic diploma (DAE) in 1985 and completed several training courses and clinical courses in prosthodontics, dental surgery, dental disorders, and orthodontics.

Always driven by his dream of performing complete rehabilitation of the mouth, he accumulates training in several disciplines. He studies orthodontics in Europe, Canada, and the United States and follows courses in implantology, prosthodontics, dental and facial aesthetics, and laser dentistry.

These improvements have been made in order to offer its customers the best possible alternatives for aesthetic treatment and complete rehabilitation of the mouth. He is especially proud to help people find a perfect and natural smile that gives them an optimal masticatory function and a better self-confidence!

Attentive and dedicated, Dr. Dabar always strives to provide the best possible care to his patients, with great care and professionalism. Her calm and confident nature creates a relaxed atmosphere during consultations, which is particularly appreciated by his patients.

In his spare time, Dr. Dabar turns to music and the arts as a whole, including culinary arts.

Dre Lara Bastouli

Dre Lara Bastouli


Dr. Bastouli received her Ph.D. in Dental Medicine in 1995. She is now an associate dentist and has been working with Dr. Dabar since 2007.

She chose to devote her career exclusively to the practice of endodontics and especially to canal treatments. Dr. Bastouli has followed a very large number of trainings with the most famous endodontists of North America. Very much in demand in her field, she offers her services in a small number of privileged dental clinics. This is how the Dr. Dabar Dental Clinic can benefit from her expertise.

Dr. Bastouli is a professional and competent clinician who is highly valued by her colleagues. Her patients are fortunate to be able to enjoy her meticulous work and her skill. They appreciate her thoughtful personality and effective treatments that are always remarkably comfortable.

In her spare time, Dr. Bastouli particularly enjoys escaping by listening to music. She loves the arts in general and relaxes with great pleasure while cooking!


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