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Removable implant-supported dentures

Can my dentures be secured to implants?

When there are no teeth on the dental arch, the jaw bone gradually shrinks. As a result, there is less surface area to support your dentures, making them unstable and uncomfortable. Two anchoring systems are available to stabilize dentures and preserve bone mass. With these solutions, you will still be able to remove your dentures for cleaning and sleeping.


Removable implant-supported dentures

We usually recommend installing four implants to stabilize complete dentures. A pillar designed to attach to your dentures is screwed onto each implant.  Your dentures click into place using snap fasteners.

Two implants are sometimes enough to achieve a good result.


Bar-retained dentures

This solution is also supported by four or more implants and attached using a titanium bar. It’s effective, stable and feels just like natural teeth.

Both of these systems can stabilize your dentures and make them more comfortable.