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Crowns and permanent bridges

Crowns and bridges are permanent tooth restorations

Crowns are a great solution for treating teeth that are badly damaged, have undergone several restorations or are too fragile to be repaired. They are permanent restorations that cover the entire surface of a tooth, much like a hat. Crowns make teeth stronger and more stable. While they can be used on teeth with living tissue, we sometimes need to devitalize the tooth before installing a crown.

Since crowns are made of zirconia or white ceramic, they are both strong and attractive restorations. Installing a crown is usually a two-step process performed in two appointments. First, a thin layer is removed from the outside of the tooth and an impression is taken and sent to the lab where the custom crown will be made. The crown is permanently installed during the second appointment.

The shape and colour will match adjoining teeth perfectly, and the tooth will regain its full function.

Permanent bridges are used to replace one or several missing teeth. They are supported by the teeth on either side. The replaced tooth or teeth are suspended (like a bridge) between your natural teeth, which act as support pillars. Permanent bridges cannot be removed. They look very good.

The procedure:

  • A thin layer is removed from the outside of the teeth that will act as support pillars.
  • An impression is made of the whole area then sent to the lab, where the permanent bridge is precision-made.
  • A temporary bridge is installed while you wait for the permanent bridge to be made.
  • Once it’s ready, the permanent bridge is installed and cemented into place.

The entire procedure is typically carried out in two appointments. There are many advantages to permanent bridges. They are functional restorations that are comfortable and attractive.