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Dental examination : what does it look like?

In order to preserve the health of the teeth and gums, regular visits to the dentist remain indispensable. In general, we recommend that you schedule a recurring appointment every 6 months.

The routine examination is a visual inspection of the condition of your mouth to detect abnormalities that may affect your oral health. At the level of the teeth, the dentist checks the wear of the fillings as well as the presence of caries, plaque or tartar. Dental plaque is a whitish deposit stuck on the surface of the teeth. Mainly bacteria, it hardens and becomes tartar if not removed in time. At this point, only a dental professional can remove it. If this condition remains neglected, various problems threaten to appear more or less long term.

There is also the evaluation of the space between the teeth and the gums. If space is minimal, the gums are well, but if it is more pronounced, there may be inflammation. The dental prosthesis, if any, is also examined, as are the tongue, the palate, and the inside of the cheeks. In addition, the examination for detecting oral cancers is done right away.

During this visit, the dentist will assess your state of health and lifestyle. This is when it is important to indicate your eating habits (consumption of sugary or acidic foods, alcohol, etc.). Your dentist should also know if you are using tobacco or medications and if you are pregnant or have given birth in the last few months. You will also need to tell him about your observations, such as a rickety tooth or a color that has changed, bleeding, etc. As the outcome of this review takes into account the particularities of each individual, any changes to your state of health must be mentioned.

The dental examination is usually done at the same session as a cleaning appointment. At the end of this session, the dentist presents you with a treatment plan that meets your needs.